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PikeOS Renesas R-Car H3 Generation

PikeOS running on the latest Renesas RCar H3 Generation

Events & Webcasts, Automotive

We presented PikeOS running on RCar H3 at the RCar Consortium Event in Tokyo. This year more than 200 companies attended that event organized by Renesas and including all present RCar Consortium partners and Renesas’ sales. The event counted around 500 people, discussing about new trends and technologies on top of Renesas hardware, which is especially for Japanese customers a very important choice.

I recognized some important trends during the event:

  • the increase of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) feature and requirements
  • more and more request for integrated HMI systems combining safe & secure cockpit systems with infotainment systems under one integrated platform
  • and very important a lot of autonomous driving concepts were shown

We had a lot of very interesting discussions and we could realize an increase of attention in hypervisor technology, which is driven by technical advantages like hardware consolidation and as well by questions regarding safety and security demands.

In case you would like get more information about our safe & secure RTOS PikeOS, which is fully in line with these requirements, please check out