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ELinOS 7.1 released

ELinOS, Industrial Automation, IoT, Linux

The Linux-based operating system ELinOS is designed for embedded systems and offers a range of features such as real-time capabilities, security, and support for a variety of hardware platforms. ELinOS is particularly useful for developers who are building devices with strict requirements for reliability and performance. Some of the key features of ELinOS include support for ARM and x86 architectures, a customizable Linux kernel, and a range of integrated development tools such as compilers and debuggers.

Developers can use ELinOS to create a wide range of embedded systems, from simple IoT devices to complex industrial automation systems. With its real-time capabilities and support for a variety of hardware platforms, ELinOS is a powerful and flexible operating system that can help developers create reliable and high-performance embedded systems.

Feature list of the new ELinOS 7.1 release:

Boot Optimization (systemd)

  • Integrates systemd as system and service manager
  • Tailored and optimized configuration of the systemd unit and service files
  • Faster boot up times in complex setups
  • Better handling of dependencies between services
  • Simplifies configuration and maintenance
  • Easy integration of user provided start scripts
  • Fully integrated into the ELinOS feature database
  • Replaces SysV Init

Product Upgrade Tool

  • GUI tool to show available security and package updates
  • Synchronizes with the SYSGO download server on startup
  • One-click solution to update the product installation
  • Package dependencies automatically handled
  • Packages are digital signed and verified before installing
  • Support to add additional features and add-on packages
  • Support for command line interface
  • ELinOS Package Update Tool Specification

PikeOS 5.1 and 5.0 Support

  • Support for PikeOS 5.1 and 5.0 for para-virt and HwVirt

Reproducible Builds for precompiled packages

  • Precompiled packages provided by ELinOS are binary reproducible
  • Deterministic compilation removes dependencies to the build time and environment
  • ELinOS toolchain provides options to make user code reproducible

BSP Updates

  • New Raspberry Pi4 BSP
  • New TQ-Systems i.MX8QXP TQMa8XQP on MBa8Xx BSP
  • PPC e500 architecture support removed


  • New feature for IPv6 support
  • Support for various Linux kernel image compression algorithms

Toolchain Updates

  • GCC v10.2, binutils v2.35

Target Package Updates

  • Linux v5.10 LTS
  • glibc v2.31
  • 180 package updates
  • 60 new packages

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