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ELinOS 7.1.2 Feature List

ELinOS, Linux

Immutable OS

  • Immutable base system with container support
  • User applications and services are separated in containers
  • Updates of the base system and containers can be applied independently
  • Increases security due to separation
  • Easy to setup via a template in the new project wizard


  • Focus on creating high quality, portable and embedded security software
  • SSL/TLS library
  • Alternative to OpenSSL: Smaller in size, professional support and licensing
  • Switch between wolfSSL and OpenSSL
  • PikeOS customer can start with an easy-to-use Linux personality looking into the feature set of wolfSSL and later switch to a native PikeOS

License Scanning Tool

  • Host tool to support customer to analyze source code and detect the licenses and copyrights
  • Usable on any package including license information like OSS archives or single source files
  • Generates SPDX reports
  • Based on ScanCode Toolkit


  • Linux kernel security update to v5.10.196
  • 13 packages have been updated to fix the latest security issues
  • More than 100 security related CVEs fixed

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