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SYSGO @ Matfyz

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Today, our Czech University Programme Manager Tomáš Martinec presented our SYSGO topics for cooperation on further student education. Interested students might gather industrial experience, learn more about our products PikeOS (RTOS & Hypervisor) or ELinOS (Embedded Linux) and prepare better for their future job. We have met some really talented young software enthusiasts during this short time. It is a good sign for the future.

Matfyz stands for Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics which was founded back in 1952 as one of the youngest faculties at one of the oldest universities in Europe (AD 1348) located in Prague, Czech Republic. Around 30% of SYSGO's Prague team studied here and and still benefit from what they learned during their studies at Matfyz.

Matfyz is offering student jobs on the faculty website. "Surprisingly", we find several SYSGO's offerings here as well.