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New: ELinOS Projects Downloads

ELinOS, Linux

ELinOS is SYSGO's own embedded industrial grade Linux distribution with a user-friendly IDE that goes along with the best selection of software packages.

Taking the ELinOS experience even further, we have created a project download. The free QEMU test projects contain pre-compiled QEMU images for testing the functionality as well as the ELinOS project. The purpose is to allow interested customers to get a feeling of what features are provided by our ELinOS Embedded Linux distribution and see them in action without installing the distribution.

On our download page, we provide projects for multiple architectures. The downloads include a tar.xz archive with a README.pdf, the QEMU image and ELinOS project. With a step-by-step guide, we show how to run the QEMU image and how to import and configure the project inside the CODEO development environment.

If you want to further adapt these projects to your needs or want do have a look of all the other available features, we offer a free test version of our ELinOS Embedded Linux distribution (incl. CODEO IDE). The Eclipse-based IDE CODEO supports system architects with graphical configuration tools, provides all the components software engineers need to develop embedded applications and includes comprehensive little helpers to finish embedded projects in a time-saving and cost-efficient way.

ELinOS Project Downloads

ELinOS Project Download

Download Page


Required: QEMU Tool

QEMU is a freely available machine emulator making it possible to run images for different architectures. Alternatively, QEMU is already integradted in our free ELinOS test version.

QEMU Download

ELinOS Test Version Download

Free ELinOS Test Version

To further adapt the projects to your needs, get a free test version of ELinOS (incl. CODEO IDE). 

ELinOS Test Version Download

CODEO Development Environment

CODEO Development Environment

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