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PikeOS Certification in Multi-Core

PikeOS 4.2: The next Step in Certification and Multi-Core Handling

PikeOS, Safety, Security

SYSGO's PikeOS is an real-time operating system (RTOS) that includes Hypervisor type 1 functionalities. The software can be used as foundation for safe and secure embedded systems. Via the separation kernel different guest OS can be handled with time and space separation. This way we can manage mixed criticality use cases. PikeOS is certified by design and can be used for different certification levels from e.g. DO-178 B/C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, ISO 26262 or Common Criteria.

SYSGO is pleased to announce PikeOS 4.2. In this version we have vastly improved application performance in multicore environments. A very granular kernel lock enables all cores to continue their processes even while one of them executes a system call, greatly reducing unproductive processor cycles. Other CPUs will only be blocked if they attempt to access the same resource in order to avoid interferences. PikeOS 4.2 therefore fulfills an important prerequisite for support of the latest ARINC-653 multicore standard.

PikeOS 4.2 also improves the energy efficiency of embedded systems as it allows the developer to manage multiple hardware clock devices and frequencies on the same board – including SoC internal and external clocks. This way, applications as well as IPs on the SoC can easily be stopped and restarted as needed, reducing both resource and energy consumption.

In order to greatly reduce effort, time and thus money to have an embedded system certified according to various standards, SYSGO has created a consolidated environment for workflows and documentation of all processes including the build process. This also allows to integrate applications into customer build environments.

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