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Partnership SYSGO and Curtiss-Wright

SYSGO & Curtiss-Wright collaborating on Solutions for Safety-critical Aerospace & Defense Applications

Avionics & Defense

Every software needs a hardware to run on and when it comes to safety- and/or security-critical systems, the adjustment of both is significantly influencing the total effort and total cost for achieving the relevant certification. What could lower customer’s risk and investment more significantly than to consider a hardware and software configuration, that is tested and validated by both, the hardware vendor and the provider of the certified real-time operating system and hypervisor?

To increase customer value is the motivation of SYSGO’s and Curtiss-Wright’s cooperation by providing DO-178C safety-critical certification support for aerospace and defense applications including certification artefact support as well as optional source code for selected hardware platforms. On the embedded world show we demonstrated a solution, based on the Curtiss Wright VPX3-133 3U OpenVPX SBC hardware as a starting point and we agreed to extend the coverage with upcoming projects.

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