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PikeOS Edge-to-Cloud Platform

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The Edge-to-Cloud platform, leveraging PikeOS and PikeOS for MPU, provides a secure and efficient environment for managing applications with varying criticality levels, particularly spotlighting on managing high-criticality applications alongside other auxiliary services. Situated on the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, utilizing PikeOS on the Cortex-A53 and PikeOS for MPU on the Cortex-R5, the platform creates a unified system that proficiently manages various applications while maintaining a strict adherence to data security and compliance regulations. This whitepaper seeks to explore the architecture, technical specifics, and practical use-cases in various industries, underlining the vital role and prospective future of the PikeOS-powered Edge-to-Cloud platform in ensuring secure, optimal, and proficient data management solutions. Other variants of the SYSGO Edge-to Cloud platform also exist on x86 core processors.

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