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SYSGO @ embedded world 2024

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The embedded world conference 2024 in Nuremberg proved to be a thrilling event of innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge technology. From April 9th to 11th, the exhibition halls welcomed industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements in embedded systems and technologies. 

At our SYSGO booth 4-126 we loved the enthusiastic engagement from our visitors, reflecting the growing interest and demand for solutions that address the paramount concerns of safety, security, and certification across various domains including avionics, railway, automotive, and industrial applications. SYSGO showcased its strength in mastering the highest safety and security requirements with PikeOS, our robust RTOS and Hypervisor, PikeOS for MPU, and ELinOS, our Embedded Linux solution.

Visitors had the opportunity to meet our SYSGO team, and engage in enlightening conversations about the latest technological trends and solutions. The synergy between SYSGO and its partners was evident, as teamwork produced amazing displays that captivated the attention of the attendees.

The collaboration with Vectioneer at our SYSGO booth was particularly noteworthy, as they showcased an advanced COBOT simulation featuring a virtual robot. This demonstration exemplified the seamless integration of innovative technologies for industrial safety, including real-time obstacle avoidance and adaptive mobility systems. Attendees were enthralled by the immersive experience, witnessing firsthand the potential of such solutions in revolutionizing industrial environments.

The booth also featured a lineup of demonstrators that showcased SYSGO's technological prowess across various domains. From the Flight Management System demonstrating PikeOS in action to the Digital Automotive Cluster showcasing the integration of cutting-edge technologies in vehicle dashboards, attendees were treated to a firsthand glimpse of SYSGO's innovative solutions in action.

Furthermore, the technology highlight on the PikeOS Edge-to-Cloud Platform offered invaluable insights into secure application management and data security — a topic of immense importance in today's interconnected world. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the platform's architecture, technical details, and industry applications, further emphasizing SYSGO's leadership in providing comprehensive solutions for secure data management.

In conclusion, embedded world 2024 was a great success and demonstrated SYSGO's commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence. The event provided a platform for meaningful interactions and discussions, and the exchange of ideas that will undoubtedly shape the future of embedded technology. As the industry continues to evolve, SYSGO remains at the forefront, driving progress and delivering solutions that redefine the boundaries of safety, security, and certification.

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COBOT Simulator 

Our industrial demonstrator showcases an advanced IIoT virtual robot. Revolutionizing industrial Safety, our IIoT virtual robot demo demonstrates innovative technologies, integrating laser scanners for real-time obstacle avoidance and smart wheel systems for adaptive mobility. Displayed via a captivating on-screen virtual robot and managed through an EtherCAT-enabled Linux system on the SCB 100 platform, this demonstration highlights the seamless integration of Safety and efficiency in modern industrial IoT environments.

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Digital Cluster for Automotive Dashboards

Our automotive demo showcases a pre-integrated certifiable digital cluster platform, an essential component in modern vehicle dashboards. It showcases an in-vehicle dashboard generated by DiSTI’s GLStudio as well as the CoreAVI VulkanSC graphics driver, all underpinned by the cybersecurity and safety-certifiable PikeOS (up to ASIL D), ensuring both high levels of functionality as well as compliance with industry standards. Operating on the powerful NXP i.MX8QuadMax SoC, based on the ARMv8 architecture, this setup demonstrates the cutting-edge in automotive display systems, realizing the integration of a number of key technologies in this sector.

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Flight Management System

Here we present a Flight Management System application (Flyance developed by Thales Avionics) running on top of PikeOS. The demo can communicate with an external computer via the network to indicate the current position of the plane. A web/Qt application is running on the computer to show the plane flying.

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