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ELinOS 7.2 released

ELinOS, IoT, Linux

ELinOS 7.2, our latest Linux-based operating system tailored for embedded systems, has improved features that meet a variety of development needs. The new version introduces support for RISC-V, offering a cost-effective alternative to ARM-based platforms. Initial backing for Microchip's PolarFire SoC Icicle ensures seamless operation beyond 2038, addressing the critical year 2038 bug across all architectures.

In response to the escalating relevance of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), ELinOS now generates licenses in SPDX format, facilitating comprehensive project analysis. We offer strengthened integration with our PikeOS RTOS & Hypervisor and expanded support for Immutable OS streamline project development, aided by an intuitive Eclipse-based IDE CODEO. Enhanced security measures include backing for Intel's Control Flow Enforcement Technology (CET).

Furthermore, ELinOS 7.2 incorporates updated toolchains, featuring GCC 12.2 and binutils 2.4, aligning with future legislative mandates like the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). These advancements ensure ELinOS remains at the forefront of embedded system development, empowering developers to craft reliable and high-performance solutions.

Feature list of the new ELinOS 7.2 release:

Immutable OS

  • Immutable read-only base system with container support
  • User applications and services are separated in containers
  • Containers are self-contained without dependencies to other libraries
  • Updates of the base system and containers can be applied independently
  • Increases security due to strict separation of the base system and services
  • Easy to setup via a template in the new project wizard

RISC-V Architecture Support

  • Support for RISC-V rv64 architecture
  • Includes CDK and debugging tools
  • QEMU emulator and BSP
  • Microchip PolarFire SoC Icicle BSP

Year 2038 Timer Overflow Error

  • Affects x86_i686, arm_v7hf and ppc_e500mc
  • ELinOS glibc switched to 64-bit time
  • All ELinOS packages updated to use 64-bit time
  • User source code needs to be recompiled with the ELinOS toolchain

ELinOS SPDX License Manifest

  • Tool generates a summary of involved licenses
  • Analyzes the current ELinOS project including packages and libraries
  • SPDX v2.3 compliant licenses

License Scanning Tool

  • Host tool to support customer to analyze source code and detect the licenses and copyrights
  • Usable on any package including license information like OSS archives or single source files
  • Generates SPDX reports
  • Based on ScanCode Toolkit

Additional User Space Hardening Options

  • Affects all packages provided by ELinOS and user space source code
  • Compiler automatically enables additional hardening options
  • Stack Smash Protector (SSP) support
  • Intel's Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET) support
  • Read-only relocation support


  • Simplify using the PikeOS console with ELinOS

Toolchain Updates

  • GCC v12.2, binutils v2.40

Target Package Updates

  • Linux v6.1 LTS
  • glibc v2.36
  • Python 3.11 with pip support
  • 230 package updates

BSP Changes

  • New Microchip PolarFire SoC Icicle BSP

PikeOS Compatibility

  • PikeOS 5.1 and 5.0

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