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SYSGO @ Aerospace TechWeek 2024

Events & Webcasts, Avionics & Defense

The Aerospace TechWeek 2024 in Munich once gain gathered aerospace technology industry leaders on April 17th and 18th. SYSGO's presence was marked by our demonstrator - a compact suitcase with display housing an imx8QuadCore SoC powered by CoreAVI drivers and graphics from GL-Studio. This demonstration underscored our commitment to pushing the boundaries of embedded software solutions and supporting the evolving needs of the aerospace sector.

The landscape of real-time operating systems (RTOS) was a focal point of discussion. However, the demand for supporting complex System-on-Chips (SoCs) persisted, particularly with PowerPC architecture remaining prevalent in the industry.

A notable addition to this year's Aerospace TechWeek was the dedicated startup area, showcasing promising newcomers that could potentially become valuable partners in the future. This initiative injected fresh energy into the event and fostered collaboration between established industry players and innovative startups.

SYSGO's contributions extended beyond their showcase, with Stanislav Shults, Field Application Engineer, delivering insightful presentations on crucial topics shaping the aerospace landscape. From safeguarding against cybersecurity risks in airspace to prioritizing safety and security in aerial mobility, our presentations provided valuable insights into addressing the challenges of tomorrow.

Until next year, Aerospace TechWeek in Munich remains the premier destination for pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology and fostering collaboration among industry leaders.

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