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Real-Time Operating System Hypervisor PikeOS 5 supports OpenMP

PikeOS, Industrial Automation, IoT

OpenMP is a specification of an application programming interface (API) for parallel programming. It is the most widely used standard for symmetric multi-processing systems whichallows developers to describe the parallelization of code sections by means of compiler directives. OpenMP also enables to efficiently manage the execution between the host and multiple acceleration devices by defining synchronization methods and transfer mechanisms to offload computation effort and data flow.

SYSGO has now implemented OpenMP support for its real-time operating system and hypervisor PikeOS 5. The implementation supports native applications for PikeOS. In particular the library libgomp has been ported. This library from the GNU Compiler Collection enables high-level parallel programming by means of OpenMP’s directive-based syntax instead of explicit calls to the low-level PikeOS API.

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