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Separation Kernel-based Systems with High Availability for embedded Safety-critical Systems

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Discover the power of embedded, safety-critical, and redundant systems. With Safety-critical applications, the demand for managing mixed criticality scenarios is more vital than ever. Picture a system seamlessly handling safety-relevant functions, like healthcare systems for assisted breathing, while also accommodating non-safety-critical tasks, such as local or remote maintenance via a web-based HMI. This dynamic is where a separation kernel-based operating system truly shines.

Our latest whitepaper dives into the characteristics of such systems when using a separation kernel-based OS. We evaluate a reference system and apply diverse use cases to identify the requirements for High Availability (HA) features. Combining Safety-critical and HA requirements necessitates a type 1 hypervisor, making traditional real-time operating systems unsuitable.

Explore how our separation kernel-based system fulfills these unique demands and empowers embedded Safety-critical systems to achieve unmatched performance and reliability.

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