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ConCar Expo Booth Berlin

Reinvention of the Automobile at the ConCar Expo

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The ConCar Expo 2017 showed that the “reinvention” of the automobile has gained momentum: It is no longer questioned that the automotive future is electric, connected and (largely) autonomous. As an example, Volvo has announced that all their new models from 2019 on will be “electrified”, which they define as at least having a mild hybrid drive. And by 2021 they want to sell level 4 autonomous cars “to normal customers”.

Autonomous cars will depend not only on a lot of sensors, but also on information from the infrastructure and from other cars (V2X). The massive sensor data requires powerful computation nodes. The connectivity introduces a new level of security problems.

For both applications, we were approached by several Tier-1s and OEMs for SYSGO’s Safe&Secure hypervisor PikeOS. A substantial increase of discussions compared to the 2016 event further shows the growing interest in an automotive hypervisor for these safety and security demanding applications. Definitely interesting times and a promising future!

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