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Hello Rail-Engineers,

I attended the conference in Munich this week. The focus of the conference is on railway, automotive and industrial automation.

For me as an engineer working with the EN 50128 (Software) and EN 50129 (Hardware) standards, it is interesting to see, that a certified safety-related electronic system is not the center of the railway universe. Interesting topics were for example how much sand to spread on the rails for optimal breaking performance or how liability for automated trains will be handled in the future.

I gave a presentation on certifying complex hardware/software platforms. The motivation for this presentation came from discussions I had with a customer performing a SIL-4 project with SYSGO. The problem to solve was, how to handle a non-safe hardware (based on a Kontron vx3035 with dual core Intel i7) in order to achieve a SIL-4 certificate for the platform. The answer can be of course found in the EN 50129, but consulting the IEC 61508 (Part 2 and 7) in parallel helps to get a clear picture of the solution. 

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