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Connected Car V2X Communication

Using a certified Hypervisor to secure V2X Communication

Events & Webcasts, Automotive

by Chris Berg, Solutions Architect Automotive at SYSGO

In its second year the Connected Car Conference was host to about 100 participants from the Israeli automotive community. The day was split into a technical and a marketing presentation track. My presentation about hypervisors in V2X communication was well received by the audience. I had several good discussions with people from the audience after the presentation. Making clear that there are several high potential companies and start-ups that are serious about developing excellent automotive products.

by Sina Schäfer, Marketing Manager at SYSGO

The “Connected Car 2017 & Advanced Automotive” will take place in Herzliya (Israel) May 8th, 2017, and the leading-edge stakeholders from Israel and abroad are invited to share their knowledge, expertise and experience with hundreds of industry professionals and executive level participants.

SYSGO will participate in this event and Chris Berg, Solution Architect Automotive, will give a talk about “Using a certified hypervisor to secure V2X communication”. This presentation demonstrates the current state of hypervisor technology in embedded systems. Best practices and use cases with focus on V2X communication will provide an insight into the application of hypervisor based architectures to secure automotive systems that communicate with external networks. The listener will gain an understanding of which attack vectors a hypervisor can defend against as well as how to combine safety and security critical application on one device.

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