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Dimensions Innovations Executive Conference

SYSGO @ Dimensions Innovation Executive Conference

Events & Webcasts, Automotive

SYSGO was part of the first edition of the ANSYS Dimensions Innovation Executive Conference that took place in Paris on November 15-16. As a long time partner of ANSYS (i.e. PikeOS and the SCADE tool suite can be used together in safety critical projects), we sponsored the event and were able to demonstrate our product in the exhibition part. The conference was addressing two different development tools areas (Simulation and Software development)  and had three different tracks the second day to focus on specific industrial aspects (IoT, Systems Simulation and Embedded Software).

In the Embedded Software track our partner CoreAVI made a presentation of their offering, highlighting the demo they had on their booth next to ours. This joint demo between ANSYS, CoreAVI and SYSGO was presenting an automotive use case gathering certified graphical libraries and embedded virtualization.

The event had a very international attendance, was well organised and according to my own feeling was very fruitful for all participants.

In that context we would also like to point you out to an interesting webcast we recently did with our partner Vector Sotware.

Watch the Webcast