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SYSGO @ Hannover Messe 2023

Events & Webcasts, Industrial Automation, IoT

SYSGO attended the Hannover Messe, the world's largest industrial trade fair, to discuss its innovative solutions for industrial robot with functional safety (FuSa). Recently, we have partnered with NexCOBOT, a leading provider in automation solutions, to demonstrate how PikeOS, can enhance the safety and performance of industrial robots including SIL2 certification artifacts on Intel x6000FE series Atom processors.

NexCOBOT showcased a range of other solutions for industrial robot safety, including a robot arm with integrated safety sensors, Servo Drives and a robot controller, all of those pre-certified to SIL 2 to manage a virtual safety zone around the robot. Persons entering the safety zone will cause the robot to stop and re-launch activities when leaving the zone. 

The SYSGO team was delighted to be invited by Intel and NexCOBOT for the launch of the first x86 functional safety robot solution with partners like Synapticon or Fraunhofer IWU. With this demo manufacturers have a path for SIL2 functional safety from hardware to software with high performance robotic solutions in less time.

PikeOS is currently the only hard real time OS product in the market offering highest levels in safety certification as well as cyber security certification. Especially with COBOTS the need to FuSa and Security is increasing heavily in the future.

The Hannover Messe provided a fantastic platform to talk about innovative solutions. With increasing demand for automation and robotics in industrial settings, SYSGO is well-positioned to continue providing cutting-edge solutions for safety-critical industries.

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