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SYSGO @ Space Tech Expo Europe 2023

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From November 14th to 16th, we visited the Space Tech Expo Europe 2023 in Bremen, which is reknowned for bringing together top-tier exhibitors in the space supply chain, proved to be a strategic platform for SYSGO to foster connections, engage in critical discussions, and explore opportunities within the space industry.

SYSGO's representatives engaged in fruitful discussions with esteemed partners such as Frontgrade, Teledyne, and wolfSSL. These interactions opened avenues for collaboration on critical software solutions. Notably, the event served as a hub for companies specializing in small satellites, prompting SYSGO to consider having a booth in the upcoming year to connect with space agencies and tier-1 players.

Why Space Tech Expo Europe?

  1. Business Opportunities: SYSGO leveraged the Expo's reputation for attracting top-tier exhibitors, providing a conducive environment to explore new business opportunities. The positive feedback from previous attendees further validated the decision to participate.
  2. Technical Knowledge Development: The three conferences, Industry, Smallsats, and Mobility Connectivity, offered SYSGO an opportunity to stay abreast of key industry topics. The carefully constructed sessions provided valuable insights into challenges and opportunities within the space sector.
  3. Networking Excellence: With over 23 hours of networking opportunities, SYSGO benefited from connecting with industry leaders and experts. The emphasis on pairing the best and brightest in the business facilitated meaningful exchanges that could pave the way for future collaborations.

Looking ahead

SYSGO's participation in Space Tech Expo Europe 2023 was a strategic move to advance its presence in the space industry. The event not only facilitated valuable discussions with partners but also opened doors to potential collaborations in critical software solutions. Our focus remains on engaging with space agencies and tier-1 players, underscoring the company's commitment to innovation in the dynamic space technology landscape.

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