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SYSGO has been involved in many certification projects and our senior engineers have excellent experience in designing software architectures that are certifiable according to the highest Safety and Security levels. The same applies when it comes to specification, requirement management, verification, validation and testing.

Due to SYSGO's knowledge about what lies ahead, every step is not handled from its sole perspective, but always with a view to the entire project plan. That is - for example - writing source code in a way that it does not only relate to its requirement but also is testable in a straight forward way.

Most recent projects have given prove that huge systems are worth to be analysed regarding the decomposition into sub-systems with different degree of criticality. That reduces the complexity of the part that really requires the attention for Safety. As a consequence, the Safety and Security of the entire system is significantly increased and alongside that the effort and costs are seriously reduced. The methodology for this approach are based on independence, diversity and isolation. The right tools are separation and virtualization. This is where SYSGO's experience excels.

In addition to that, SYSGO's ecosystem of software and hardware partners always has the suitable solution for every step of the project, be it hardware debuggers for a coverage analysis or dynamic and static software analysis.

SYSGO Partner Ecosystem

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Training BSP Driver Migration

Software Consulting

  • Installation/configuration assistance
  • Partitioning design
  • Integration design
  • Infrastructure migration
Training Extension Progress

Hardware Consulting

  • Board Support Package (BSP)
  • Driver migration/creation
  • Platform extension
Training Software Installation

Safety & Security Consulting

  • Critical code development assistance
  • Process compliance

System Software

One of our specialities is customizing system software to be compatible with new hardware. We work in close collaboration with leading hardware manufacturers to transfer Guest OS to new hardware and integrate these BSP into our development environment.

Our role is to support the application developers and ensure a quick and smooth product launch throughout the entire development phase.


As Industrial hardware is constantly evolving and mostly not standardized, we take care to make consistent software interfaces - and create predictable and maintainable basis for your applications.

Our engineers develop firmware and device drivers, optimize the operating system and integrate the required middleware to your team fast back on track.

Safety & Security Certification

We offer certified platforms and solutions for mission-critical applications.

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Consulting Safety Certification

Safety Certification

SYSGO's experienced senior engineers accompany your project during the entire life cycle: From the early steps to the final deployment and beyond. Over the years, we have gathered deep understanding regarding the bonds between architecture, design, implementation, verification and validation. As a consequence, we can assist you at every step and help avoiding common pitfalls, effectively escaping unnecessary loops and re-design at a late state. For example: The software does what it is expected to do ... however it turns out that it is simply not testable.

We know how to implement consistent traceability spanning from the architecture down to the source code. You are planning to integrate our products into your development? Our certification kits come with all necessary artefacts. For every relevant entity within those documents, we have allocated unique and unambiguous ID numbers - audited for completeness and integrity. The IDs can be embedded seamlessly into the overall project documentation. On the testing side, SYSGO supports all major hardware debuggers and knows how to achieve 100% MC/DC code coverage.


Avionics & Defense


Railway & Transportation

Railway & Transportation

EN 50128 / EN 50657



ISO 26262

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

IEC 61508

Consulting Security Certification

Security Certification

In a Security-critical project, competent system engineering is a prerequisite for success. If your goal is a certification according to Common Criteria or an admission process in the context of a military project, SYSGO can do more for you than just hand you over our Security target. We have long-standing experience in dealing with certification bodies and Security evaluation facilities. This means that we can efficiently combine PikeOS with the hardware and device drivers that your project needs, all in a package that lives up to the highest Security claims. Special authority certification kits are available, containing just the right documents that match the demands from the evaluator and the certifier. Our Security certification department can also help you choosing the right evaluation facility. 

Effective Security isn't just a state, it's an ongoing process. After your product has once achieved a CC certificate, you will need to maintain it. Our Security services support you, according to the flaw remediation procedures specified in the Common Criteria. We actively monitor all of our products and send out quarterly Security bulletins about any potential Security issue that might affect you giving you time to react before the attackers do.

Common Criteria

Common Criteria (CC)

Common Criteria (CC)

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