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2021 / 01 - Your Colleague's bad Behaviour| PikeOS protecting Earth | Safety Certification | Embedded Linux Blog | Webcast with ANSYS

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

Imagine you share a desk with a colleague and both of you are working side by side on Safety-relevant documents. Your colleague, however, would have the annoying habit of constantly spreading his files all over the place, leaving less space for your own work. You probably would protest and demand a certain amount of space, right?

This problem doesn’t only apply to you, but also to multi-core processors with a shared cache. In order for tasks to be completed predictably, it has to be determined which CPU core may access which memory areas. This process is called cache partitioning and it is needed to manage efficient computing power for embedded systems.

The new version of our real-time operating system and hypervisor PikeOS is able to handle the shared cache for certain PowerPC processors safely. In addition to that, PikeOS 5.1 provides support for the TCP/IP stack LwIP as well as inheritance mutexes and extended support for C/C++.

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Topics in this Newsletter:

  • PikeOS protecting Earth [Space]
    Satellite system ANGELS is successfully launched and running on PikeOS.
  • Safety Certification [Automotive | Railway | Industrial]
    We have created new CertKits for Automotive, Railway and Industrial applications on ARMv8 based systems and provide insights on how to manage certification.
  • Embedded Linux Developer Blog [IoT]
    There’s a new blog in town for embedded Linux topics - have a look at it!
  • Webcast with ANSYS on autonomous Trains [Railway]
    Join our upcoming webcast on building model-driven safe and secure software for autonomous trains with our partner ANSYS.

With kind regards,
Your SYSGO Team

PS: You can find use-value orientated videos on our YouTube channel such as our webcasts addressing Safety and Security challenges in your industry.

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PikeOS protecting Earth

You can nowadays find PikeOS in many embedded space systems - even in Space. With the ANGELS satellite system SYSGO takes the road of the New Space Approach.

Find out how ANGELS and PikeOS are protecting the environment.

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Safety Certifications of COTS-based Systems in Automotive Applications

No doubt: The Automotive industry is on the digital road of innovation. Yet every innovation costs money: We show you in our article how you can use commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) modules to decrease costs for Safety certification while achieving highest Safety levels up to ASIL-D.

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Embedded Linux Developer Blog

Are you looking for comprehensive information on embedded Linux topics? We address your needs and have started a new forum that deals with issues circling around embedded Linux topics. If you are looking how to set up a Docker container or how to deal with control groups on your target devices, then you are right here.

ELinOS Dev Blog

Building Safe & Secure Embedded Software for Autonomous Trains

Together with our partner ANSYS we discuss in our joint webcast how to build safe and secure embedded software. You will gain insights on how to develop and verify your software in a model-based environment, what you have to consider regarding Safety norms EN 50128 and EN 50657 and how to save money using virtualization.

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How to face Cyber Threats in Railway Applications

Already excited about the upcoming webcast with ANSYS on autonomous trains and can’t wait to learn more? We gladly tell you what you should consider for your railway software regarding security issues while keeping your system safe targeting EN 50128 and EN 50657.

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