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join us in reflecting on the extraordinary progress that has been done in the areas of Safety, Security, and connectivity. In a world of Edge-to-Cloud and IoT devices, the digital future demands seamless solutions that combine advanced Security with reliable Safety systems.
At SYSGO, we're more than just observers of this development: We're architects shaping the space where embedded tech innovations meet as the key to unimaginable opportunities.

SYSGO is at the forefront, leading the charge in Safety- and Security-critical applications and fostering seamless connectivity. Whether you're an experienced industry professional, a tech enthusiast, or simply captivated by the infinite potential of our interconnected world.

Keep your curiosity for innovation and stay ahead with SYSGO as we embark on this journey into a connected future!

Your SYSGO Team

Ensuring Secure and Reliable Flight Operations with Electronic Flight Bags

An Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is a specialized electronic device or software application used in aviation to assist flight crews in various aspects of their job. It has largely replaced traditional paper-based materials and charts, making it a valuable tool for modern aircraft operations. EFBs can take the form of dedicated hardware devices or software applications on tablets or other portable devices.

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Cache Coloring as a Path to an (even) safer System?

Opinions are divided on cache coloring: Some see the technology as a benefit for making embedded applications safer (and possibly even more efficient). Others see above all the problems that come with it. In our blog post, we shed light on the pros and cons and provide a recommendation for the use of cache coloring.

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SYSGOs new Embedded Linux Distribution ELinOS in Version 7.1.2 as Immutable OS

SYSGO's embedded Linux distribution ELinOS is now available in the new version 7.1.2. Officially classified as a minor release, the Linux for embedded systems brings a major innovation: In a very simple wizard, the operating system can now be set up as "immutable".

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Common Criteria EAL 5+ for Automotive Security ISO 21434

As vehicles become more complex, the integration of Common Criteria Security-certified supplier technology with ISO 21434 standards is crucial for addressing Security threats. This includes safeguarding Electronic Control Units (ECUs), gateways, Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV), and main computers from unauthorized access and cyber threats, ensuring the Safety and functionality of modern automobiles.

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Intelligent LiDAR Software Technology for autonomous Vehicles

The integration of cutting-edge LiDAR technology is pivotal for autonomous vehicles, spanning driverless cars to automated ground vehicles in digital factories. LiDAR, a laser-based sensor, offers wide-angle visibility, surpassing the capabilities of cameras and radar. The growing demand for sophisticated Safety-critical embedded software, including real-time operating systems like PikeOS, underscores the evolution toward safer, more secure autonomous vehicles.

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Speed-up Mission-Critical Heterogeneous SoC Development with PikeOS and TRACE32

Learn how SYSGO and Lauterbach are helping to simplify mission-critical embedded software development and speed-up the development and certification process with PikeOS, PikeOS for MPU and TRACE32.

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100 Days at SYSGO, Welcome & Edge-to-Cloud

In this episode of our SYSGO Tech Cast, Amani Karchoud, Technical Product Marketing Manager, talks about her experience in the first months at SYSGO. Find out more about the on-boarding process for new employees and an exciting project. 

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ELinOS Embedded Linux

Our Linux distribution ELinOS has been designed to allow developers to save time and effort by helping them to focus on their application.

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