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OSEK Development Environment for Linux now available

More and more car manufacturers and suppliers rely on the OSEK standard for software development. With the rapid prototyping tool LEO, OSEK applications can now be developed and tested under Linux.

The main component of LEO is an emulation of the OSEK operating system under Linux. The OSEK tasks and the OSEK core run as a multi-threaded Linux process, and the individual OSEK tasks have full access to the Linux resources. An OIL compiler and the OSEK system monitor were added to the GNU development tools available under Linux.

The same technology was implemented under the real-time UNIX LynxOS. This makes LE/O real-time capable. With guaranteed task switching times of less than 15 ?sec between OSEK tasks, this version is not only suitable for emulation/testing, but can also simulate the complete target (ECU) in the vehicle under real-life conditions. 

The Linux version was developed on the current distributions of RedHat and SuSE, and versions for LynxOS 2.5.x and 3.x are also available. Both product versions support the CASE tools from Mathworks and CS Verilog. 

The Linux version is now available for free download at

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