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PikeOS: The All-In-One Operating System

SYSGO presents a brand new product at Embedded World. PikeOS is a microkernel that makes it possible to run different operating systems simultaneously and protected against each other on one hardware. This allows Linux applications to run on one system even alongside safety-critical real-time applications.

"PikeOS offers a completely new approach based on our experience with software certification projects over the past years," explains Knut Degen, CEO of SYSGO. "Instead of having to deal with new operating systems or waiting for new features of the preferred system, PikeOS now allows the operating systems to complement each other additively on one CPU without getting in each other's way."

PikeOS already supports APIs such as Linux, POSIX and OSEK today. Thanks to its open architecture, other APIs can be easily integrated. Applications developed according to OSEK or POSIX standards can be easily connected to Linux, guaranteeing investment security for existing and future software packages.

Partition management distributes hardware resources so that applications run in their own partitions without affecting each other. Data is exchanged via secure communication channels. The distribution of software of different criticality to different partitions thus enables, for example, the isolation of third-party software packages or even the formal certification of the safety-critical parts of the overall system. The microkernel itself has already been developed with the relevant certification standards in mind.

With PikeOS, safety-critical real-time controls can be separated from non-critical parts of the software such as visualisation or operation and still run on one system. Linux can be integrated with its functionalities into safety-critical systems and thus reduce software costs. Embedded Linux applications can be developed with ELinOS, which has been integrated into PikeOS.

With its novel technology, PikeOS offers the long-awaited European alternative to the long-established operating systems.

At the tradeshow booth, SYSGO is already demonstrating the first customer applications from the automotive industry.

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