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ELinOS Embedded Linux

SYSGO announces first German Embedded Linux Distribution

SYSGO announces the first German development environment for embedded Linux systems. With the development environment ELinOS, the system house enters the market segment of development tools for embedded Linux systems and thus particularly addresses newcomers and those changing over to embedded Linux, who want to open up the advantages of embedded Linux.

The aim of SYSGO's activities is the broad introduction of the Linux operating system into almost all areas of application of embedded computing. The development environment ELinOS provides developers with powerful tools that greatly simplify the implementation of embedded systems under Linux.

ELinOS contains a complete toolchain, consisting of GNU compiler, debugger, assembler and linker, which initially serves as a basic package for application development around Linux. For better scalability, the toolset also contains the libc5 library in addition to libc6, whereby the toolchain supports the automatic addition of required shared libraries. The memory requirements of a system can be scaled down to 0.5 MB ROM and 2 MB RAM, which should be interesting for the development of embedded systems with low memory capacity.

To further simplify the development of embedded Linux systems, ELinOS offers numerous pre-configured standard profiles covering the most important embedded situations. The examples contained on the CD are clearly documented and can be loaded into the development environment if required and modified to suit the specific application. This makes it possible for developers with little or no experience with Linux to develop their own embedded applications within a short time. This also applies to the boot strategies required in the embedded field. ELinOS includes pre-configured boot situations for ROM, floppy, flash disk or network boot, among others.

ELinOS is aimed at newcomers and those switching to Linux in the industrial sector who want to use the advantages of Linux for embedded systems. The manual supplied includes a clear introduction to the development of embedded systems with Linux. It accompanies the user in all phases of development. From the supplied standard profiles, own configurations can be developed step by step.

Developers are additionally supported by the support programme provided by SYSGO. In addition to the standard support, a project start support is offered, which includes on-site support when switching to ELinOS.

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