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SYSGO joins Embedded Linux Consortium

SYSGO, the systems house specialising in real-time systems, is a co-founder of the Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC). Together with IBM, Motorola, Red Hat and 46 other companies, SYSGO supports the activities of the ELC for the widespread use of the open-source operating system Linux in the market for embedded systems.

With Linux firmly established in the server operating system market and experiencing the highest growth rates in this area, the ELC is now pushing its penetration into the embedded systems market, which will see Linux used in electronic devices such as set-top boxes, PDA's and handhelds. According to ELC chairman Rick Lehrbaum, Linux will also gain acceptance in the embedded systems market, which accounts for over 95% of all chips produced. Indeed, Linux offers numerous advantages over the operating systems used so far. Linux is open, stable, scalable and incurs only a fraction of the usual costs for development and runtime licences.

SYSGO is one of the first German companies to take up ELC's interests in the German-speaking region. The future strategy of the Mainz-based system house initially envisages marketing the embedded Linux version ELinOS. ELinOS will be available from summer this year and will offer special features that are important for manufacturers of embedded systems. In the opinion of SYSGO, in addition to pure distribution, expert support is also important for successful distribution.

With services specially tailored to the embedded market, SYSGO also supports the manufacturers of electronic end devices in the migration and implementation of the new operating system.

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