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PikeOS for MPU

SYSGO introduces RTOS for Safety-critical and secure Controller-based Applications

PikeOS for MPU extends the options for Safety-critical and secure embedded hardware in Space, Avionics, Industrial, Automotive and the Medical market.

SYSGO has introduced PikeOS for MPU, a separation-kernel-based real-time operating system (RTOS) for microcontrollers (MCU). This new operating system is targeted towards simple controller-based systems without a Memory Management Unit (MMU) but with Memory Protection Unit (MPU). However, it also serves as a robust platform in combination with PikeOS Classic for big System-on-a-Chip (SoC) hybrid solutions with a heterogenous processor environment comprising both cores with and without MMU. With the PikeOS family of products, entire software stacks of such complex big SoCs can be managed within a single CODEO workspace. CODEO is SYSGO's Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that with its new version 7.2 comprises all development tools under one roof. Thus, allowing embedded software architects to ease up the process of building software for embedded targets.

PikeOS for MPU enables the development of safety-critical applications of very cost-efficient certifiable solutions in industry, space and avionics, in automotive and in medical applications. PikeOS for MPU is especially suitable for space applications with radiation hardened controllers capable of mitigating single event upsets (SEU) that are caused by radiation. Also, legacy code and certification artefacts re-use between projects, either using controllers or common SoC, is possible.

Like PikeOS Classic, PikeOS for MPU is based on a separation kernel and offers the performance of a traditional RTOS. Providing strictly separated partitions, the separation kernel allows multiple applications to operate in parallel, from simple yet highly critical control tasks to a complex user program with many functions. Further, the separation kernel eliminates the risk of application failures propagating to other partitions and applications.


Simpler Designs without MMU

PikeOS for MPU does not require an MMU and thus leads to simpler designs for controllers making it especially suitable for applications in industry requiring assessable deterministic behaviour. It uses the same time and space partitioning mechanisms as PikeOS Classic. There is no complex task and address management, instead PikeOS for MPU comes with only one address space per resource partition, bringing PikeOS for MPU very close to the original ARINC 653 specification. Thus, it is also suited for a wide spectrum of critical applications in space and avionics.

"With PikeOS for MPU, we enable developers to create very cost-efficient solutions without sacrificing functional safety at any point", explains Franz Walkembach, SYSGO's VP Marketing & Alliances. "Building upon the proven concepts and architecture of PikeOS, this new operating system will simplify development of controller-based systems for a wide range of critical applications."

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