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  • Improved real-time Positioning Data through PikeOS-based Augmentation Systems

    When people think of satellite-based GPS, they envision a high-tech satellite navigation system that can pinpoint locations worldwide to within a few meters. But global navigation systems (GNSS) such as the American GPS or the European Galileo struggle with many environmental interferences. So-called satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS) improve the performance of these navigation systems by correcting their data. From 2022, the Korean peninsula will also benefit from the PikeOS-based SBAS…

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  • Verbesserte Echtzeit-Positionierungsdaten durch Augmentierungs-Systeme auf PikeOS-Basis

    Wenn man an Satellitengestütztes GPS denkt, dann hat man ein High-Tech Satelliten-Navigationssystem vor Augen, das weltweit bis auf wenige Meter genau den Standort erkennen kann. Doch Globale Navigationssysteme (GNSS) wie das amerikanische GPS oder das europäische Galileo kämpfen mit vielen Umwelt-Störeinflüssen. Sogenannte Satellite-based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) verbessern die Leistung dieser Navigationssysteme, indem sie ihre Daten korrigieren. Ab 2022 wird nun auch die koreanische…

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  • Browsing and Over-the-Air Updates peacefully united

    The electronic systems such as the anti-lock braking system inside a modern car are able to take control of critical systems such as the steering and braking gears. This significantly increases functional safety during vehicle operation, but at the same time also creates the risk of unauthorized access. Consequently, the functional safety of a vehicle must be supported by IT security measures. Real-time applications require deterministic response times, which can only be achieved with the help…

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  • Easier Development of embedded Linux Applications with ELinOS

    For many years, embedded Linux systems have been used predominantly in networked environments. These systems worked well for a long time - true to the motto "Never touch a running system". However, this inevitably leads to security problems and is accompanied by the fact that, according to the latest Cyber Security Report by Allensbach and Deloitte, managers see a growing threat situation in their IT infrastructures.

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