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  • Secure Factory Automation

    The continuing technological advancement that is enabling decreasing costs and greater compactness of devices make it possible to connect and control more physical elements in the industrial environment today. This is enabling industrial engineers to monitor processes with greater accuracy and drive OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). At the same time separate operational technology (OT) systems are merging with enterprise IT infrastructure. However, this greater connectivity also brings more…

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  • Security Certification of IoT Devices with a Component-based Software Design

    Different types of IoT applications are subject to different security standards. Whether you want to meet the requirements of the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security (ISO 15408), IEC 62443 for Industrial Control Systems, EDSA (Embedded Device Security Analysis) or J3061 in the automotive sector: We will show you how you can quickly meet all necessary requirements with a component-based software design.

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