Invitation: Aerospace Tech Week 2023

Peter Cornelius Spaeth, Regional Sales Manager at SYSGO, invites you to the Aerospace Tech Week in Munich 2023 and talks about the latest achievements and product news.

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Dear Avionics manufacturer or developer,
SYSGO invites you to our booth 707 on the Aerospace Tech Week in Munich.

We are proud to discuss with you and discuss specifically how PikeOS, our PikeOS Hypervisor and hard real-time operating system, could fit to your Avionics development team.
This time at the Avionics show we show our highly certifiable solution together with PRESAGIS for display technology, certifiable up to DAL A.
The interesting thing is, and we by the way run this on ARM technology already (as you know this is also going up in the industry a lot):
You don't have to bother with two additional things in your development:
Not just on Safety where we for a long-time support high Safety for the Avionics, but also we now received a Common Criteria EAL5+ certification from the authorities on exactly the same product.
So this is already prepared on the product that also serves your Safety stuff. But a lot of customers also having some issues with export afflictions and things like that.
So relax on that, we are ITAR free and we do not even require an ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) number because we are a European company.

So though I am speaking English, I am also in der Lage (able) to talk to you in German of course.
Wir freuen uns Sie auf der Messe zu sehen nächste Woche (Looking forward to see you at the event next week) and see you there.


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