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2021 Review and 2022 Outlook Plans

Annual Review & Plans for 2022


Time is flying by, but it's true: In December 2021, we celebrated our 30 years of existence in the embedded market and will continue to serve you as a valued partner.

We are looking forward to the new year, but let's first have a review of year 2021:

Highlights, Events & Webcasts

Our press release highlights this year definitely reflect our strong market-, safety and security-driven attitude:

  1. Three Great New Technologies brought to SYSGO Safety Ecosystem: DO-178C DAL A Support, FIPS 140-3, and IDPS Read more
  2. PikeOS powers Satellite Payload in Space Mission ANGELS Read more
  3. SYSGO introduces DO-178C / ED-12C DAL A Certification Kit for Hypervisor-based RTOS PikeOS 5.1 Read more
  4. SYSGO introduces RTOS for Safety-critical and secure Controller-based Applications Read more
  5. Linux ELinOS becomes a Security Embedded OS Read more

We strongly increased our number of videos and continue to run SYSGO-own webcasts to present interesting technologies and solutions. Especially our webcast together with many partners were quite successful and show what is possible when combining several offerings to our customers:

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Enabling Safe and Secure Platforms for Advanced Graphics and Compute

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Accelerating Avionics Design and Deployment with COTS Solutions

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How to Design Safety-Critical Embedded Software for Autonomous Trains

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Use of MPU-based Controllers in heterogeneous SoC

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Seamless IoT Protection - How to make connected Gateways secure + Demonstration

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Development with PikeOS Classic and PikeOS for MPU for heterogeneous Multi-Core Systems

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Especially the videos of our demos reflect our expertise and better explain the customer added value and use cases that can be addressed.

Stay tuned!

What is coming up in 2022?


Our customer survey held in July/August 2021 brought up additional feedback on feature expectations. Investing into our products is a continuous activity, we would like to already unveil here the following topics:


PikeOS updated POSIX GuestOS

With the next PikeOS major release, the POSIX personality will receive a significant update. A new variant of the personality will be added which allows spawning new processes during run time. In addition, inter-process communication and synchronization via message queues, named semaphores, dynamic shared memory and inter-process signal will be supported. Pthreads will be executed as PikeOS Native threads which will significantly improve I/O performance. 


PikeOS x86 Hardware Virtualization Support

The PikeOS 5.1 product line will be extended to support hardware virtualization (VT-x) on Intel 64-bit CPUs. Compared to para-virtualization, VT-x support will significantly improve performance of a virtualized guest OS. A guest will be able to access hardware devices directly or use PikeOS device driver via the P4bus technology. Together with the PikeOS hardware virtualization support, ELinOS will be provided as guest operating system.


ELinOS latest Release: New Features and Security

ELinOS 7.1 will come with a package updater that provides an auto update mechanism based on rpm archives hosted on a secure SYSGO server. Furthermore, the system boot mechanism will be optimized by the integration of systemd as init process. For PikeOS, customers that are using standard services within one or more Linux partitions, the integration process is simplified by means of pre-compiled ELinOS secure images. These feature partitions come with an optimized Linux kernel and each of them provides a single feature only, e.g. Docker, HTML5 GUI, Webserver, Router, etc. In case the partitions need some customization, there is also a one-click solution to switch from a pre-compiled project to a full ELinOS project.



Avionics Demo

SYSGO and Xilinx present an avionics demonstrator that operates the control surfaces of an R/C flight model in real-time. The data comes from the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 via Ethernet. The system runs on a Xilinx Ultrascale+ based board and uses both SYSGO's PikeOS classic and PikeOS for MPU. While PikeOS for MPU runs on a Cortex-R5 core and handles the real-time part in concert with the Xilinx FPGA, PikeOS classic is executing on one of the application Cortex-A53 cores, implementing the communication part. The developer benefits from a development environment that covers all aspects of the Xilinx US+, starting from the FPGA and all available processor cores.

Railway & Transportation

Railway Demo

ANSYS and SYSGO show a railway demonstrator that explains the usage of model-driven development in the context of Automatic Train Operation (ATO). The system applies the throttle and brakes of an electric locomotive that is running within a graphical simulator. The controlling application is executing on top of SYSGO newest operating system: PikeOS for MPU. The communication via Ethernet to the simulation is implemented within PikeOS classic that is running side-by-side on the same hardware: Xilinx Ultrascale+. The controlling application has been generated automatically out of a SCADE model. Since the development tools are validated for safety projects up to the highest assurance level SIL 4, the developer benefits from reduced certification effort.


Automotive Demo

SYSGO's PikeOS and Apex.OS from our partner demonstrate a platform that can be used for a smooth transition of prototyped robotics (ROS2) applications with strict separation and freedom from interference between high and low ASIL applications. The PikeOS hypervisor allows different partitions with (among others) POSIX and Linux components, where developers can profit from algorithms, software framework, data transport and underlying hardware capabilities. The platform reduces development and certification time in complex ADAS and AD projects.

New Technologies & Services


PikeOS for MPU

Recently, we have announced the launch of our new PikeOS for MPU, opening a new range of controllers targeted to lightweight systems that come with a Memory Protection Unit (MPU) only.

Learn more about PikeOS for MPU


EAL Next

We are finalizing the certifications for the next level of security, reflected in several new Certification Kits.



SYSGO supports you in software and hardware architecture consulting and helps you better define the technical environment for your project.

High-Quality Whitepapers and Technical Articles

We will continuously work on Certification Kits, technologies in safety and security, we fly to the stars, drive our embedded Linux ELinOS forward and extend our ecosystem with valued partnerships. This all is reflected in high-quality technical papers and whitepapers that help you better understand the technical background for your projects.

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Latest information on our activities is always published on our communication channels:

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We wish you happy and relaxing holidays, but above all health, joy, and prosperity for the coming year!

Your SYSGO Team