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It has always been SYSGO's ambition to make today's and tomorrow's world safer and more secure with leading edge solutions that pave the way into a bright, connected future. In this newsletter we present, among others, a Security architecture for Railroad applications and a secure communication platform for the Automotive future that meet the highest functional Safety requirements.

We also discuss Safety and Security aspects for Industry 4.0 and introduce a COTS Avionics solution. Here, together with our partners RTI, ENSCO and Concurrent Technologies, we created a demonstrator on which we showcase how to conveniently and successfully certify to the highest Safety levels.

We are proud to announce that we now offer the first Avionics Safety Certification Kit that achieves DO-178C DAL A certification on PowerPC platform.

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PS: You can find use-value orientated videos on our YouTube channel such as our webcasts addressing Safety and Security challenges in your industry.

Safety Certification

We have achieved a great milestone by obtaining the highest Safety certification in Avionics for DO-178C DAL A with the latest version of our real-time operating system & hypervisor PikeOS software product on PowerPC architecture.

Read the Press Release

Commercial off-the-Shelf Avionics Solution

Together with RTI, ENSCO and Concurrent Technologies, we have built a COTS (Commercial-off-the-Shelf) Avionics solution that meets the highest requirements in terms of Safety and Security making certification successful and convenient.

In our webcast we discuss how a Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) can be built on RTI's Connext DDS micro platform running on hypervisor-based RTOS PikeOS and Concurrent Technologies' VPX hardware. We demonstrate how ENSCO's IData Tool Suite works and how IDataMap is integrated in this system.

Watch the Webcast

Secure Architecture for Safety-Critical Railway Applications

Whenever it comes to safe mobility, Security nowadays is a vital issue because of our globally networked world. Therefore, we want to help you with an approach how you can make your embedded Railway system secure from scratch, thus hardening overall integrity over the whole life cycle.

Our whitepaper 'Security Architecture for Safety-Critical Railway Applications' gives you rich insights building such secure systems and provides hints what else you should consider. If you prefer a more lively demonstration, we invite you to watch our webcast presentation in which our embedded Railway application researcher Don Kuzhiyelil talks about this topic.

Download the Whitepaper  |  Watch the Webcast

Secure Automotive Connectivity

Cyber attack vectors threaten Automotive mobility and have potential to blackmail Automotive companies. What automakers need is a profound Security strategy and the right tools to fulfil it in order to build safe and secure automobiles.

SYSGO delivers the secure gateway platform SACoP that enables automakers to provide their cars with secure connectivity e.g., for V2X solutions. The webcast with our partner Karamba Security delivers insights on how to build a protected gateway using mitigations such as control-flow integrity (CFI) and provides examples of attack vectors and applications.

Read the Professional Article  |  Watch the Webcast

Secure Factory Automation

Plain, non-protected data streams between factory machines, non-secured systems and other assets are threatened by hackers and cyber attacks every day. We give an overview on the challenges by introducing Security measures in factories that need to be ready for future challenges in the industrial network environment.

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