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  • Thales chooses PikeOS for innovative Cockpit

    Thales has chosen SYSGO's real-time operating system PikeOS for an innovative cockpit the company is currently developing. The Integrated Cockpit Display System (ICDS) will be the first real world implementation of Thales' "Avionics 2020" concept for next generation cockpit systems.

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  • Thales entscheidet sich für PikeOS für innovatives Cockpit

    Thales hat SYSGO's Echtzeitbetriebssystem PikeOS für ein innovatives Cockpit ausgewählt, das das Unternehmen derzeit entwickelt. Das Integrated Cockpit Display System (ICDS) ist die erste reale Umsetzung des Thales-Konzepts "Avionics 2020" für Cockpitsysteme der nächsten Generation.

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  • Thales choisit PikeOS pour un Cockpit à la Pointe de l'Innovation

    Thales a choisi le système d'exploitation temps réel de SYSGO, PikeOS, pour sa solution de cockpit innovant en cours de développement. Ce produit de gestion de cockpit intégré ICDS (Integrated Cockpit Display System) est la première déclinaison concrète du concept « Avionique 2020 » que Thales a élaborée pour les cockpits de nouvelle génération.

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  • Sightsys to distribute SYSGO products in Israel

    SYSGO appoints Sightsys as Value-Added Reseller for its products PikeOS RTOS and Hypervisor, ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux in Israel. The cooperation started beginning of January 2016 and covers sales, professional services as well as first level support for Israeli customers. Applications enclose mission-critical appliances in the fields of the embedded industries.

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  • Certified Virtualization and AFDX® on Freescale's Dual-Core PowerQUICC III

    SYSGO, leading supplier of software solutions for the most demanding safety and security applications, today announced the porting of their FAA pre-approved implementation of genuine software based AFDX® to Freescale's Dual-Core PowerQUICC III.

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  • SYSGO's PikeOS selected for ESA Project with SciSys and Astrium

    SYSGO, leading supplier of software solutions for the world’s most demanding safety and security applications, has been chosen by ESA (European Space Agency) to participate in a project called "Securely Partitioning Spacecraft".

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