What's new with ELinOS 7.0

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  • Based on Linux kernel 4.19 with long-term support and real-time support
  • Vendor kernels from a Yocto BSP can now be easily imported
  • New Security Services help to close security loopholes quickly
  • Toolchain updated accordingly to GCC 8.3 and GLIBC available in version 2.28
  • PikeOS 5.0 and 5.1 support
  • Compatible with new IDE Codeo 7.0
  • Support for PAM in login and password tools
  • Native 64-bit host support on Linux
  • Possibility to directly install an ELinOS project into a PikeOS custom pool
  • Based on Debian 10 “Buster”
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New and Updated BSPs

  • RaspberryPi 3B+ 64bit target binary support
  • New Freescale/NXP i.MX8 QXP MEK BSP
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Docker Support available

  • Easy to use Docker feature to run run docker containers on the target
  • Increase target Security by running microservices in separate containers
  • Download official container images from Docker Hub
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Control Group Support

  • Limits and isolates resources like CPU, memory and disk I/O
  • Introduce feature to easily enable Control Group (cgroups)
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Network Packet Filtering Support

  • Monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic
  • Introduces feature to easily enable nftables or iptables
  • Provides user space tools
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HTML5 Browser

  • Based on state-of-the-art QtWebEngine/Chromium
  • Support latest and well known HTML5 features
  • Perfect for UI creation
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QT Applications on Wayland, X11 and Framebuffer

  • Introduce feature to select the backend for QT applications
  • Easily switch between Wayland, X11 and Framebuffer backends
  • Automatically include required backend libraries and dependencies
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Root File System Support over PikeOS ROM File System

  • Use PikeOS ROM File System file (rfs:/filename) as root
  • Less memory usage compared to initramfs
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SquashFS Support

  • Compressed read-only file system
  • Reduces file system memory usage
  • Supports PikeOS ROM File System
  • Easy to activate by using ELinOS Features, including optional read-write overlay


ELinOS 7.0 is available since March 2020.

ELinOS Embedded Linux

ELinOS Embedded Linux

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