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  • ClarinoxBlue Support for Embedded Linux ELinOS

    SYSGO and Clarinox have joined forces and made the ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy stack available for SYSGO's embedded Linux distribution ELinOS. This allows embedded application developers to easily integrate Bluetooth communication into their embedded systems.

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  • Three Great New Technologies brought to SYSGO Safety Ecosystem: DO-178C DAL A Support, FIPS 140-3, and IDPS

    SYSGO, the European leader in real time operating systems (RTOS) and hypervisors for certifiable embedded systems, and wolfSSL, the leading provider of TLS and cryptography, continue to develop best-in-class security portfolios for critical embedded projects across the globe.

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  • Industrial-Grade Linux ELinOS 7 now with Docker Support

    SYSGO has introduced version 7.0 of its Linux distribution ELinOS, which is optimized for embedded applications. The new version is based on the Linux kernel 4.19 with long-term support and real-time extensions and now natively supports 64-bit development systems under Windows and Linux. In addition, the integration of ELinOS as a guest in SYSGO's hypervisor-based real-time operating system PikeOS was significantly simplified by the support of PikeOS' custom pools. With an easy-to-use Docker…

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  • Miele setzt bei neuer Generation von Haushaltsgeräten auf ELinOS von SYSGO

    Die Embedded Linux Variante ELinOS des deutschen Herstellers SYSGO dient als technische Basis für die neue Haushaltsgeräte-Generation 7000 in der Premium und Prestige Klasse von Miele. Damit setzen beide Unternehmen ihre langjährige und erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit fort. Schon die 2015 erstmals vorgestellte Generation 6000 nutzt ELinOS vor allem für das innovative Bedienkonzept mit einem Touchpad.

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  • Miele relies on ELinOS from SYSGO for new Generation of Household Appliances

    ELinOS, the Embedded Linux from German developer SYSGO, serves as the technical basis for Miele's new Generation 7000 line of household appliances. The two companies are thus continuing their long-standing and successful cooperation. ELinOS is already being used the Generation 6000, first introduced in 2015, primarily for its innovative operating concept with a touchpad.

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  • SYSGO is participating in the Automotive Grade Linux Project

    SYSGO GmbH is joining forces with the Linux Foundation to actively participate in their Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) project. In this open-source project, renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers will work alongside hardware and software manufacturers to develop and implement a completely open software stack for the connected car.

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  • SYSGO launches ELinOS 6.2 with PowerPC 64 and Security Services

    SYSGO has launched version 6.2 of its Linux operating system – ELinOS – which is optimised for embedded applications. The new version is based on Linux kernel 4.9 with long-term support and real-time upgrades, and now supports Yocto Linux project kernels via a "generic platform BSP" too. ELinOS Security Services also help to close security loopholes quickly.

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  • AdaCore releases GNAT Pro 17 Development Environment for SYSGO's PikeOS RTOS

    AdaCore today announced the release of its GNAT Pro 17.1 development environment for SYSGO's Real-Time Operating System PikeOS. With GNAT Pro 17.1, Ada users targeting PikeOS will see a number of product enhancements, including upgrades to the underlying code generator and debugger technologies (to GCC 6 and GDB 7.10, respectively), better elaboration order handling, improved stubbing in GNATtest, and enhanced debugger support in the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) IDE.

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  • SYSGO ELinOS Version 6.1 - Industrial Grade Linux

    SYSGO introduces version 6.1 of its industrial grade Linux operating system ELinOS, which has been optimised for real time embedded applications. The new version of ELinOS is based on Linux Kernel 4.1 with real-time extensions, support for ARM 64-bit architecture, as well as the X86 64-bit. ELinOS 6.1 enables developers, with a minimum working knowledge of Linux, to quickly build a development ELinOS system.

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  • Sightsys to distribute SYSGO products in Israel

    SYSGO appoints Sightsys as Value-Added Reseller for its products PikeOS RTOS and Hypervisor, ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux in Israel. The cooperation started beginning of January 2016 and covers sales, professional services as well as first level support for Israeli customers. Applications enclose mission-critical appliances in the fields of the embedded industries.

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