ELinOS Embedded Linux

Service & Support

ELinOS Embedded Linux

Service & Support

Linux Embedded Professional Support

Providing outstanding peer-to-peer support along with a broad range of professional services has been the historical foundation of the success of ELinOS. With ELinOS Industrial Grade embedded Linux, we extend this level of support to serve your needs more precisely. SYSGO strengthens its online support and training capabilities to accommodate the ongoing globalization of project teams.

Development Support

By default, ELinOS Industrial Grade embedded Linux includes one year of e-mail support for all SYSGO tools. Support is handled by SYSGO's embedded Linux experts who accompany your development process and help you to quickly fix problems. Switch to Product Support to get in touch with the peers.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Support requests are always handled by the ELinOS product team professionals who are able to solve problems live.

Life-Cycle Updates

Customers can benefit from ongoing improvements by accessing the SYSGO customer portal, where the latest updates of target binaries, new BSPs, and add-ons are available.


SYSGO offers Product training at SYSGO's premises or at your site to shorten the learning phase of your development team. Learn more about our training courses and contact us for more information.