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It includes among many other the following main improvements and changes:

  • L2 Cache Partitioning available for selected PPC Processors
  • Priority inheritance mutexes
  • I/O Stream functions for the PikeOS C-Environment (CENV)
  • PikeOS native API C++ 2014 support
  • PikeOS native API supports the lightweight IP stack (lwIp) 

SYSGO has recently released version 5.1 of its real-time operating system and hypervisor PikeOS. With the new version there are several improvements addressing deterministic and functional behaviour of embedded systems. New network and coding language features have also been implemented.

It is now possible to partition the shared cache of e6500 PowerPC (PPC) processors. This option improves deterministic behaviour in terms of worst-case execution time, assuring the proper functioning of embedded systems especially in the avionic sector where PPC processors are commonly used.

Priority inheritance can now be enabled for mutexes in the PikeOS thread API as a new option. It mitigates the problems caused by priority inversion in complex systems. Therefore, priority inheritance contributes to the desired system behaviour and increases robustness.

Embedded developers and project engineers now also benefit by widely used low memory footprint TCP/IP stack lightweight IP (LwIP), thus giving another option for intelligent edge devices running PikeOS native to communicate with the cloud. The PikeOS native API has also been extended with additional C/C++ library functions making it possible to build applications and more comfortable to port existing C/C++ code to PikeOS. In particular, C++ is now available as well as key parts of the stream-based Input/Output (I/O) library. Embedded developers may now utilize file handling operations opening the gates for file-based data procession without being bound to other APIs or Guest OS.

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