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  • Siemens chooses PikeOS Hypervisor for Electric Cars

    Siemens has chosen the PikeOS Hypervisor for its new electronics and software platform for electric cars. As seen in aviation technology, standardized hardware and software modules provide the basis for a unified computing architecture that can replace function-specific controller modules (ECUs). The PikeOS Hypervisor serves as the backbone of the software architecture. As a virtualization platform with hard real-time characteristics, PikeOS enables a predefined set of functions according to the…

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  • PikeOS RTOS & Hypervisor

    SYSGO announces PikeOS 4.0 for IoT and Industry 4.0

    SYSGO today announced the release of Version 4.0 of the Hypervisor PikeOS. PikeOS 4.0 is designed as a platform for technology change and gives manufacturers of smart systems access to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. To do so, PikeOS 4.0 uses the most modern virtualization technologies in hardware and software and focuses on new development as well as on the migration of existing applications. Support for industry-specific safety standards guarantee functional safety and IT…

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  • Logo Curtiss-Wright

    SYSGO and Curtiss-Wright to show Safety-Critical Avionics Platform at Aviation Electronics Europe

    At the Aviation Electronics Europe event, SYSGO and Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions will demonstrate a joint platform for avionics systems that combines SYSGO’s DO-178B/C certified hypervisor PikeOS with Curtiss-Wright's VPX3-1701 Freescale™ LS1020A dual ARM® Cortex-A7 processor-based single board computer (SBC). The demo will feature CoreAVI® safety-critical OpenGL® ES/SC graphics drivers running on Curtiss-Wright's XMC-715 E4690 GPU-based graphics module. At SYSGO’s booth (#19), visitors can…

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  • Avionics

    Flexible System Architecture for Aerospace expanded

    Flexible system architectures similar to the Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) concept can be transferred from avionics to space. This is one of the essential findings from the OBC-SA research project, which after successful development of demonstrators is looking to start its third phase. The core of the system architecture is SYSGO’s PikeOS hypervisor, which enables complex mission-critical space travel applications on modern multi-core processors thanks to secure partitioning.

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  • Railway & Transportation

    SYSGO and UniControls build safe and secure Railway Platform

    At the Berlin rail fair InnoTrans, SYSGO and UniControls agreed on the development of a joint COTS platform for the railway industry targeting the highest safety level. With CS-C01, UniControls contributes a Freescale QorlQ P3041 Quadcore communication processor based hardware, which is supported by SYSGO’s hypervisor PikeOS. PikeOS already runs on Freescale’s P3041DS Hydra and is certified to the highest level SIL 4 of the railway safety standard EN 50128. UniControls offers the new modular…

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    SYSGO welcomes Certification expert Sven Nordhoff on Board

    Devices and machinery for the Internet of Things are highly complex systems that must be tested according to industry-specific standards and protected against enemy attacks. The product development in this area usually takes several years, in which an optimal cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers is critical to the success of the project. With the newly created position of Director Certification, SYSGO bundles the human, technical and organizational responsibilities of these projects…

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  • Logo Vector

    Vector Software strengthens Partnership with SYSGO GmbH

    Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for testing safety and mission critical embedded applications, announced today that the company has partnered with SYSGO GmbH to offer the VectorCAST™ software test tool in an integration with the latest version of microkernel based real-time operating system (RTOS) PikeOS 3.4. Certified to the highest safety and security standards, this RTOS is used in safety-critical applications such as aircraft, rail, medical…

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  • Safety & Security

    Certification of Safety and Security-Critical Applications on Multi-Core presented at DASIA

    SYSGO’s Stuart Fisher talks at DASIA in Warsaw to system and software designers about the key role of the operating system to meet the standards necessary to promote multi-core CPU’s in products requiring safety and/or security certification.

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  • Avionics

    SYSGO, Esterel and CoreAVI provide joint certified Solutions for Avionics

    SYSGO, Esterel Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ANSYS, Inc., and CoreAVI provide joint solutions for avionics display systems with DO-178C objectives.

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  • Common Criteria

    PikeOS under Common Criteria Evaluation

    Common Criteria evaluation of PikeOS 3.4 is making good progress. Security Target has been defined and successfully reviewed by a German ITSEF accredited by BSI, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

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